Packaging Trends to Look Out For In 2019

While you may be doing well with the packaging of your products, you need to make sure that your packaging design and method is scalable for the future. An easy way is to keep an eye on the current and future trends in the packaging industry.

In this article, we are going to talk about some packaging trends which are expected to be a hit in 2019.


With an increased awareness about the impact of packaging waste on environment, it gets important for the brands to take care of what their consumers want; i.e. helping them in reducing the packaging waste. An easy way is to reduce the amount of packaging materials being manufactured. Here, you may wonder about the increased demands for the products to be shipped across the states and borders. Well, the simple solution is to encourage the reuse of packaging materials. And this is where we also have to talk about the recyclability. It means that you need to get the materials which can be reused and recycled. This way, you will be contributing in reducing the packaging waste.

Avoid over-packaging

We are essentially talking about reducing the size of packages being prepared for shipping. This reduction in the size of packaging is the answer to increasing demands from the market. Moreover, you will need to do the over-packing if you are sticking with the creation of bigger product packages. This over-packing leads to the generation of packaging waste which is, again, not good for the environment and company’s finances.

However, you have to make sure that you are using the packaging materials in an amount which can protect the products. You are going to have to analyze things related to product’s safety and you will have to see how much of the packaging materials you are in the need of in order to protect your product. In fact, you will have to show your customers that you are doing everything to keep your product safe during the supply chain if you are planning on decreasing the size of the package.

Packaging automation

You may have heard about the packaging automation. Packaging automation is the essential step towards meeting the market demands but it is not all about meeting demands. Packaging automation can help you maintain an ideal performance related to the quality of packaging. This is something which you might never be able to achieve if you are running manual packaging operations no matter how fewer orders you are getting.

Again, it all comes down to the budget. You will have to see the extent at which you can automate your packaging operations. If you do not have many orders to deal with on consistent basis but you are expecting a surge in the market orders, you can definitely start automating your packaging operations.

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