Tips To Reduce the Impact of Packaging in Environment

Although packaging of a product plays major role in the branding but it must not be forgotten that the real purpose of packaging is to protect the products throughout the supply chain. However, it has become even more important to take care of environmental impact of packaging because packaging waste has already been quite detrimental to environment.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can go for the ecofriendly options while picking packaging materials for packaging of your products.

Corrugated boxes and cartons

When it comes to picking between the cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes, you basically have to make a decision regarding going for the double-walled board or a single-walled board. Surely you can replace the double-walled board with a stronger single-walled cardboard.

Moreover, you can look into the flute options to find the lighter box without its performance compromised. Case dimensions and style of the boxes are the other factors which also contribute in strengthening the box, hence making the box an ecofriendly packaging option.

Stretch film

When we talk about environmental impact of stretch film, the factors to focus in this regard may include weight of the film and that if the film is pre-stretched. You will also have to see if there is unnecessary overwrapping of the pallet. In this scenario, introducing the automated pallet wrapping system may be helpful. You will need to check the feasibility. For this purpose, you can ask professionals to conduct a stretch wrap review to help you assess the stretch wrap film usage. They will also be able to suggest eco-friendly options.

Protective products

You may be well-aware of the benefits bubble wrap can provide. However, have you ever looked into the paper alternatives? Solutions that you can consider in this regard may include PadPak, Geami WrapPak, and WrapPak Waved Paper Pads. These are the protective products which can protect your fragile items throughout the supply chain. And the best thing is that they are completely recyclable.

There are also some paper-based solutions which tend to maintain ambient environment around the products. Therefore, you can use such protective papers if you want to avoid spoilage of foods such as meat, chocolate and other perishable foods.

Mailing materials

There are diversified options available for the packs which you want to use for postal deliveries. One of the options that you can consider in this regard is the Paper mailing bags which are completely recyclable. Moreover, there bags can be sealed with the help of a self-sealing strip which tends to ensure safety of the contents inside the bag.

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